Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leo Burnett: The Apple Story

I recently received a print informational brochure regarding Leo Burnett and "The Apple Story." I have included the text and pictures from that brochure for everyone to enjoy. I hope you find the story as interesting as I do!

Apples have been saying "welcome" to Leo Burnett Company visitors since August 5, 1935. On that hot day in the middle of the Depression, supreme optimist Leo Burnett and eight associates opened the doors of their newly-formed advertising agency for the first time. To brighten up the place, the receptionist set put a bowl of apples.
When word got around Chicago that Leo Burnett was serving apples to his visitors, a newspaper columnist cracked, "It won't be long 'til Leo Burnett is selling apples on the street corner instead of giving them away."
To be fair, the columnist was only echoing what seemed obvious to everyone but Leo Burnett and his band of believers: that it was the height of folly to start an advertising agency in the midst of the Depression. But what the naysayers didn't understand was Leo's unique blend of vision and logic. "When you're on your economic bottom bottom, then the only way to go is up."
Leo was right. From these beginnings, when our entire office staff could sit comfortably around a table, and three accounts made up our client list, the Leo Burnett Companies today comprise one of the world's largest advertising organizations.
And the apples have been on our desks every day. We still offer them to every visitor, and our employees as well. In the last ten years, our Chicago headquarters alone gave away more than two million of them. Currently we give away more than a thousand each working day. Our offices around the world also follow this tradition.
So, have an apple on us. We hope it gives you ample food for thought.

Leo Burnett Apple Story 1
Leo Burnett Apple Story 2

Leo Burnett Apple Story 3

Leo Burnett Apple Story 4
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