About Me

My name is John Hill and I am currently a senior at Illinois State University, with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication. I will be graduating this May and am looking forward to making it big in the "real world." 

I've been playing golf for over 16 years now and it will always be my favorite thing to do. I will play golf until I am a grumpy old man and that's why I love it so much - its a sport that anyone and everyone can play for years and years. I am also big on snowboarding. I also love nature and the outdoors - I recently went out to Colorado for the first time this past January and I fell in love. The views, snow, sun, mountains, nature, wilderness, and people were so amazing.
Vail, Colorado

As you can tell from the rest of my blog, I have a passion for marketing. I find it so interesting and intriguing that companies can effectively send a message across various media vehicles to reach a specific niche of consumers through their marketing efforts (advertising, promotions, public relations, personal selling, etc.). I hope you enjoy the content that I post here!

Rope swing on Fox River, Illinois