Monday, May 2, 2011

QR Codes in Action

I created a post a couple weeks ago about QR codes and how they can enhance a direct response marketing campaign. You can scan this code to read that post now!

I wanted to share with everyone that I recently received a brochure promoting the new Nissan Juke. This visually appealing booklet, had some great pictures, information, and QR codes to connect with consumers. I have included some pictures of the codes printed in the booklet below.


These two codes on the right lead people to videos and interactive, mobile-friendly websites where more information about the Juke can be found. I have to admit, I scanned these codes and watched a few videos about it's turbo engine, AWD, and navigation system. It was a great way for Nissan to promote individuals to take action on an advertising piece. 

MarketingProfs recently published an article detailing some stats about a recent study done on these codes. below are some of the impressive results.

• 52% of mobile users have seen or heard of QR codes; of those, 28% have scanned one
• iPhone users scan by far the most, at 68% (versus 26% of Android users and 4% of Blackberry users)
• QR-code scanning rose a whopping 1,200% from July to December 2010
• Companies like Starbucks are already using QR codes (as well as barcodes) to enable users to pay for their purchases via mobile. (And here's a fun fact from the chart: 3 million Starbucks customers have already tried it.)

Being proactive with this form of marketing can really pay off, because you can't argue with those results! Have you seen these QR codes recently used for any marketing campaigns?

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