Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smart Phones Are Now Personal Shopping Devices

Phones are people's lives that hold connections, friends, and family members at the touch of a button (or touchscreen). But when you take another look at it, phones aren't just phones anymore. They are computers, cameras, video recorders, gaming systems, televisions, GPS, and now shopping devices!

Leo Burnett recently determined that 50% of moble phone owners use their devices to shop. The eye-opening statistic is extremely important to businesses all over the world.  Apps, text message campaigns, and mobile friendly websites are a necessity for shopping websites/companies. These utilities are not only able to give customers info about store hours, GPS locators to find nearby stores, promotional coupons, and various product information/specifications, but it will result in more app downloads and more traffic on the mobile website. This will result in increased awareness, customer loyalty, improved customer perception, which will ultimately lead to a boost in sales.

People are on their phones for hours everyday, so you better have a presence there, or your competitors will. The number of cell phone users are twice the amount of internet users! With statistics like that, businesses big and small need to be up to date on their marketing efforts, especially with a focus in utilizing emerging digital techniques, including mobile marketing.

Check out this awesome use of social coupons on mobile devices - via LivingSocial

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