Monday, April 18, 2011

Buzz Marketing Part I

What's all the buzzzzz about?
Consumers are estimated to view over 5,000 advertisements a day and even more corporate logos, so how do companies stand out from their competitors? Some utilize traditional advertising measure that use an emotional, humorous, fear, or fantasy appeal. But others are trying out a newer form of marketing that lets consumers talk about a company’s product or service, known as buzz marketing. Buzz marketing uses the art of word of mouth to spread the word of a specific product or service. 

Many companies rely on this new technique to engage customers as opposed to traditional forms of marketing, like print, radio, television, outdoor, and digital marketing methods. Word of mouth is something all companies need to shoot for in their marketing efforts, because it is coming to the point where people don't buy a product because an advertisement tells them to, they buy something because their friends tell them too. In a time where businesses are finding out unique ways to interact with consumers, how can companies successfully engage customers to the point where word of mouth/buzz marketing will take place? Does Guerrilla Marketing come into play here? What are your thoughts?

Part II coming soon! In the mean time, check out this crazy/freaky video of a flash mob utilizing the element of fear to create buzz.
Unfortunately, the closing text is in German, but it translates to, "Do they know what zone they are living in." This video was made to increase the awareness of risk associated with nuclear accidents. Do you think it was a success?

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